Top 5 examples of apps used for business

            Your business will definitely benefit a lot if you use some apps for getting the work done in easier way. With the help of right apps your business will run smoothly and more efficiently. The following are five great examples of apps used for running businesses.

  • Google Drive is one of the best apps used for business. It is completely free app to use and all you need to have is a Google account. Google Drive is fantastic option if you want to organize and store your documents and important business files. They are backed up online and you can easily access them from anywhere if you have a smartphone with an internet connection. Even the smallest editing of your documents gets a backup, so you have nothing to worry about regarding your important documents. You can also organize your spreadsheets, photos or slides as well.
  • Microsoft Office App is another free app you can use for your business dealings. You can write in Microsoft Word on your Android mobile device, and you can also create, view, edit or share all your working documents. You can even convert doc files into PDF files, which is another great plus. You can connect your account to cloud storage and always access your files regardless of where you are located. Besides Microsoft Word, you also get access to Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote with this app.
  • QuickBooks for Android is a very helpful business app, which is free if you have a desktop subscription, or you can purchase it starting at around thirteen dollars. This is great accounting app with which you can track and better manage all your business costs and expenses. The mobile version of QuickBooks features making invoices, reviewing payments, tracking sales and doing other things while you are away from your office.
  • Concur is a free app for Android with which you can check out different expenses reports, track travel expenses, manage your business receipts and other things. Great feature is that you can take a picture of the receipt and then add it automatically to your record books. You can even book your business travel with this great business app. Try it and see all the benefits it can bring to your business.
  • Square Register is another example of an app used for business. It is free and helpful app for your business with which you can receive credit card payments. After you download this app, the next step is to sign up to get a credit card reader dongle. After you get it for free, all you need to do is just plug it in into your iPhone and then you can process credit card payments as you go. You can also manually enter the credit card info if that is what you prefer. This is really great app that can increase the reputation of your business, and you can make payments lot easier for the customers.

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